Scott Liess

Scott Liess - President of Eco-Flow Plumbing Inc.

Since 2008, Eco-Flow Plumbing has been proud to be a Santa Cruz plumbing company focused on serving customers in the area. We offer residential plumbing services like faucet and tub repair or water heater installation, to full commercial projects like jetting and restaurant grease trap cleaning.

License #930878

A Santa Cruz Plumbing Company You Can Trust

There’s a reason why Santa Cruz, CA customers keep coming back to us for all of their plumbing needs. At Eco-Flow Plumbing, we offer:

  • Prompt, dependable service
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Reasonable rates
  • Courteous, well-informed plumbers who know their craft inside and out
  • Free Consultations

Best of all, when you work with our plumbers, you won’t have to worry about getting taken for a ride. We’ll give you the opportunity to approve an estimate before your job begins to ensure that you’re on board with the cost and projected turnaround time at hand.

Company Mission

We are dedicated to listen to and fulfill our customer’s needs by addressing problems and projects right the first time. Our customers have always been imperative to the way we operate and adapt our services in order to achieve a happy customer.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • Licensed and Insured

Founded on Trust,
Service, & Quality Work

We love what we do, and we believe in it. It’s not just plumbing to us, but a philosophy applied to every area of our lives. If you have any emergency plumbing needs, simply call our 24-hour emergency line.

Quick and Reliable Emergency Repairs

We specialize in serving the Santa Cruz Area with the latest technology and practical, energy-saving appliances for your home or business. We try to reduce the environmental impact of the plumbing services we perform, all the while providing honest-to-goodness affordability. With energy-efficient water heaters & boilers, solar panels, and other water-saving devices, our bill isn’t the only one you’ll be saving on. Take a look at our services.


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